Springfield Park
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Some Information and Pictures of Springfield Park.

1905: Springfield Park opened.
1999: As part of the project in the run up to the Millennium, a Time Capsule was buried.

Springfield Park is aGrade 2 listed public park in Upper Clapton maintained by Hackney Council. Amenities include a children's playground, 5 tennis courts, a cricket pitch and a bowls club. The park is a lovley rolling landscaped area of hills on different levels with many varieties of trees and bushes. There are also pleasant walking areas to be found in the park and splendid views can be seen of the Lea Valley. The park also boasts a variety of wildlife the most abundant being the grey squirrel. They appear as if by magic at the sound of a bag of nuts being rattled!. The park is also host to a large colony of crows who appeared after the hurricane of 1987 and have taken up residence. Several species of duck visit the pond and build nests on the island, but, sadly, there is a long-standing problem with vermin eating the eggs. Foxes can be seen at times visiting the park and many have been seen in the surrounding roads scavenging for food in the early hours of the morning.
During the time when the White house was used as a cafe, the park was a busy, bustling, lively place, but now the only park users seem to be children and dog walkers. The park now has a sad forlorn feeling about it

I have visited the park in the last week and noticed that the Cafe has reopened, and the council seem to have spent so money on new signs. Take a look at the great Dog in the Cafe.

Springfield mansion (White house), Springfield Park.

White House, Springfield Park.

River Lea, bottom of Spring Hill

Nice view from park hill towards bottom of Spring hill

View from hill in Springfield Park out across Walthamstow marshes.

View from top path looking south

Springfield Bowls Club

Just a few of the many nice trees in the park

The Duck pond

View of River Lea from park

Early 20th century picture postcard of the Avenue Springfield Park

Another look at the Duck Pond