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Clapton Common.
Clapton Common, a wide leafy thoroughfare, runs from Stamford Hill to Upper Clapton Road and, although it is a busy main road, has the look and feel of the country about it, due, equally, to the swathes of green common, and the trees along the road.
The Common also has a natural pond, called, in the early days Leg of Mutton Pond then renamed Craven Pond, but nowadays no one seems to know what it is called. In recent times the pond has become covered with noxious algae and a fountain has been installed in a bid to aerate the water. You can now find a snack bar on the common, a nice place to sit on a hot summers day with a cold drink.
Along the edge of the common are some impressively large houses, a few older council estates, and a very nice public house that serves meals. The common is often used when the fun-fair comes to Clapton and has been used by the local community for bring and buy sales. On the opposite side of Clapton Common on the corner of Oldhill Street is St.Thomas' Church, a Church of England denominational church, which is the parish church for the area.


Photo showing the new fountain and some visiting ducks.

Photo of reeds that were planted by the council a few years ago in an effort to rid the pond of the green algae.

An old Picture postcard of the Common showing the Agapemon church steeple in the background