Brooke House School
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Brooke House
Brooke house is now a college,situated on the junction of Kenninghall rd and Upper Clapton rd.

Henry VIII was reconciled with his daughter, Mary at Brooke House, then Clapton's most impressive building. Brooke House became an asylum in 1758 and stayed in use until destroyed following bomb damage in the second world war.Brooke house,1920 A fragment of wall painting survives in Hackney Museum.

Brooke House School opened in the early Sixties and was closed when pupil numbers fell so dramatically in the Eighties.
Brooke house,1970
The school was divided into four houses,Newton,Faraday,Kelvin and Stephenson.Each house had their own coloured stripe on their ties,Blue,Green,Red and Yellow respectively.
During my time at the School (1967-72) we had two different headmasters,Mr Harris and Mr Felsenstein.
The school had its own swimming pool,two gyms,hall,lecture theatre,and technical block.



Mr Pallister gives rare Credit

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